Vision Plus Status 580 Digital Television TV and Radio Aerial


  • Unique integrated TV Signal Finder 
  • Horizontal & Vertical Polarisation via internal crank handle
  • Low Profile Roof Assembly only 108mm (4¼”) tall
  • DAB & FM Radio Reception 
  • Fixed FM radio antennas 


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The all new Status 580 Caravan TV Aerial

Latest state of the art model with 4G Filtering and Booster with built in Signal Finder.

The difference between the Status 580 and 570 is that the 580 has a 930mm long mast against the 570 330mm mast.

Previously known as the 530 model and then the 550 the new updated 570 features 4G filtering and such is Vision Plus confidence in the new model they now offer a three year manufacturer warranty as standard. 

For over 10 years now the Status TV Antenna has been the go to aerial for caravan and motorhome manufacturers and never wishing to rest on their laurels, Vision Plus have adapted this ever popular aerial for the digital era, thus making an already brilliant product even better! 
Simply arrive at your destination and tune the TV in seconds with the unique built in signal finder which shows three colours as you move the aerial using the joystick pole inside the vehicle which turns the aerial from horizontal to vertical.The colours change as the signal improves (red – poor, yellow – nearly there, green – done), it really is that easy.
Be the envy of everyone on site with the all new Status 580.
New features: 
  • Unique integrated TV Signal Finder 
  • Horizontal & Vertical Polarisation Indicator 
  • Low Profile Roof Assembly only 108mm (4¼”) tall
  • DAB & FM Radio Reception 
  • Fixed FM radio antennas 

At the heart of this new antenna system is the Vision Plus VP5 Digital TV Amplifier with unique integral Signal Finder. With its neat, slim-line design, the VP5 offers the latest in TV / Radio reception technology and features: 

  • Slim-line compact design 
  • Digital TV, DAB and FM Radio reception 
  • Dedicated TV Transmitter locator – Signal Finder 
  • LED light power indicator with red, yellow and green colours to indicate signal strength 
  • Variable Gain Control for strong and weak signal areas 
  • 2 TV Connections and 1 dedicated Radio connection 
  • 12 – 24V DC Power Input connection 
  • Antenna IN connection 
  • On / Off Power switch 
  • 3 year guarantee 


  • Mast Length 930mm (36″ approx)
  • Mast intrusion into locker 875 (34″ approx)
  • Antenna dome Installed – Length 412mm – Width 348mm – Height 108mm (16¼ x 13¾ x 4¼”)
  • Mounting Foot & Gaiter – Diameter 122mm (4¾”)  – Height 35mm (1⅖”)
  • Roof cavity range 25-50mm (1-2″ approx)

Please note that the roof mounting assembly kit that is supplied with this product is not suitable for sloping roofs.Please contact us if your require the kit to fit to a sloping roof.

Our full Vision Plus range can be purchased here on line or from our showroom in Romford,Essex.