Vision Plus Status 355 Omni-Directional TV Aerial Kit


  • All in one Omni-directional Freeview TV and Radio Aerial
  • Complete Boxed Kit with 5m Cable and VP3 Signal Booster (18dB Gain)
  • Made by Vision Plus, The ‘TV ON THE GO’ experts
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic designed for external use
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty


Status 355 Caravan TV Aerial with VP3 3 Way Booster and 5m Cable

The 355 is the next generation aerial from Vision Plus (this used to be the 315,then the 335 but now updated to the state of the art 355,it fits and looks the same except their is no longer a need for the pinnacle.

Digital and Analogue reception

Brand new in box with all fittings and instructions

The Omni-Directional 355 receives TV signals through 360 degrees using an electronic amplifier to boost signals.

Designed for mobile use, the STATUS 355 satisfies a number of important criteria, whilst overcoming some of the compromises associated with this design of antenna.

In the UK and a number of overseas countries TV signals are transmitted horizontally and vertically. Vertical reception requires a vertical receiver. The 355 achieves this without the need for a Central Pinnacle.

TV reception can be greatly affected by the orientation of the antenna and it is crucial that all antennas are mounted level. Therefore the 355 has the ability to be finely adjusted to remain level on gradients up to 22 degrees – a unique feature only offered by STATUS.

The 355 is available in two models depending on your particular installation. Both are designed to be versatile, offering three fitting options as standard – Permanent Fitting – 25mm Mast Fitting and Suction Pad Fitting. The Permanent option can even be mounted over a small locker, as well as a wardrobe. The 355/5 has 5 metres of coaxial cable and the 355/10 has 10 metres.

For ease of use the antenna itself can be removed leaving in place the Mounting Foot, which can be sealed with a blanking plate from our other listngs.

The 355 has a proven track record of being the countries most popular Omni-Directional Antenna. By combining the latest in technology and design we believe we manufacture the best all round Omni-Directional antenna on the market today.

And finally – Operation – it couldn’t be simpler. Simply switch on your television and tune in.
Vision Plus are so certain of this products quality they offer a full 3 year manufacturer warranty.