Pioneer PL-990 Fully Automatic Turntable


  • 2 speeds full automatic operation
  • Easy hands-off operation
  • Low-mass straight tone arm which is highly sensitive and resistant to resonance, track records better
  • Precision DC Servo – Pioneer Stable Hanging motor ends spindle wobble for smoother and more accurate
  • Platter rotation
  • Universal-type cartridge connector
  • Phono EQ included
  • Pitch Control
  • Dust cover
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Get classic sound with a high-tech edge from the Pioneer PL-990 2-Speed Fully Automatic Turntable.

The design of the PL-990 includes a built in phono stage to allow the turntable to connect to any line level (auxiliary) input and fully automatic operation, meaning that you simply press a button to start playback and, when that side of the record has finished, the arm lifts and returns to its holder. The Pioneer PL990 is the ideal solution for those looking for an easy to use turntable to play back a vinyl collection.

This belt-driven automatic turntable also features a precision DC servo motor for easy hands-off operation. For highly sensitive,

low-vibration play, the low-mass straight tone arm is resistant to resonance and tracks records with superior reliability.

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