Avtex STH3000 20dB 12v 24v 4G Digital TV Aerial


This is the latest model fitted with 4G filtering.

  • High gain 20dB TV aerial
  • Directional
  • LTE (4G) integrated protection filtering
  • Built-in low noise amplifier
  • 2 way power source (TV antenna power out or 12v/24v)
  • Flexible suction mount (similar to GPS windscreen mount) – no need to drill holes
  • Pole or wall mounting bracket also supplied
  • UV resistant housing
  • Water resistant
  • Weight 0.29kg


We are authorised Avtex dealers so you can be assured of a genuine product backed by 2 years warranty and amazing customer service.

The Avtex STH3000 TV Antenna offers a portable weatherproof digital antenna with a built in 12v/24v powered low noise amplifier to help boost your television signal. The aerial also features LTE (4g) filtering which is designed to counteract interference from modern 4g mobile phone signals helping to give you better reception.

The portable TV antenna is compatible with both the old analogue and new digital TV signals (including Freeview and Freeview HD) so you can watch your favourite programme in full High Definition (compatible HD television required).

The amplifier can be powered directly from compatible televisions which provide power via the their antenna connection (Avtex televisions offer this feature as standard) or via the supplied 12v/24v power cable which features a cigarette lighter plug for use on your boat, in your caravan, campervan, motorhome, truck or car .

The Avtex STH3000 Digital TV Antenna can be used as a temporary antenna via the supplied flexible suction mount which can be shaped for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces and can be attached to glass or many other flat surfaces.

This digital antenna can also be permanently mounted to your boat or caravan using the wall mounting kit or it can be mounted to a vertical or horizontal pole using the included pole mounting kit (pole not included).

What’s in the box

  • 4G Digital Antenna
  • Pole or Wall Mount
  • Flexible Suction Mount
  • 3m Coaxial Aerial Cable
  • 12v Aerial Power Adaptor
  • 12v Cigar Lighter Plug
  • Pole Mounting Kit
  • Wall Mounting Kit


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